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Business Consulting

The life of any business depends on having quality interaction with their clients.  The relationships that build from a kind, courteous and knowledgeable staff are the key for sustained viability.  Unfortunately, easy opportunities to build on those business relationships often are missed by employees who receive inadequate or ineffective training.  The results are obvious in today’s connected world, immediately.

Fortunately, there is a solution.  Bellcom Technologies can show you and your employees how to implement a solid Client Interaction Program that will use resources you already have.  The result of leveraging technology and “Soft Skills” are rave reviews from customers and higher repeat business.

  • Leveraging Social Media to increase sales.
  • Employee Soft Skills
  • Customer Support Program
  • Customer Service, it’s more than a catch phrase
  • …and more.

Don’t see what you need? We can develop a personal training session to meet your needs. Give us a call @ (717) 362-6842.

Career School Consulting

Are you experiencing one or more of the following?

  • Empty seats in the classroom…
  • Increasing dropout rates…
  • Increasing operating costs…
  • Admission numbers stagnant or dropping…

Our country is experiencing record unemployment and yet many career schools have classrooms with empty seats.  Keeping students engaged and increasing your retention rate is more important than ever in today’s highly competitive market.

Bellcom Technologies has the solution to these problems, and more.  With over two decades of practical experience in the classroom working with students of all ages, our educators understand how to motivate and empower students to excel. We will show you how to utilize the tools and staff you already have without a significant increase in your budget.  Using your existing assets, we will help you make your school the leader in your market.

Don’t see what you need? We can develop training sessions to meet your needs. Give us a call @ (717) 362-6842.

Training Consulting

Business success is built on solutions and a solid training program is essential in getting the most return on those solutions.  Investing in your employees knowledge base and skill sets not only makes good business sense, it is essential.

Bellcom Technologies has the tools and experience to help you leverage available methodologies to increase their productivity. Whether it’s through documentation, classroom Instructor led, distance learning, eLearning or a blended combination of training solutions, we can help.

Bellcom Technologies has literally instructed thousands of business professionals, helping them achieve their personal and educational goals.

Our motto:  Professional Educators, Professional Results!

Don’t see what you need? We can develop a personal training session to meet your needs. Give us a call @ (717) 362-6842.